Tales from Missouri and the Heartland

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by Ross Malone

Ross Malone is a retired teacher and also an amateur historian and genealogist. Upon retirement he went to work for a textbook publishing company and began to present a series of segments for Missouri radio stations.

From those segments he has chosen 100 short stories and compiled them into this book. These reflections on Missouri, its citizens, and its past tell us a great deal about what makes The Mother of the West so unique.

If you're not familiar with our Missouri-Kansas border war, the Honey War, and the Slickers War, then you will want to read this book. If you think our greatest maritime disaster was the Titanic, you should read this book.

Did you know that there are no buzzards in Missouri? Who was Missouri's first superstar? Can you name Missouri's three capital cities? What do you know about zouaves, charivari, Annie Malone, and John Berry Meachcum? Read and enjoy!